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Providing extra help at home

Home and Estate Management

A Home & Estate Manager is a domestic professional who operates and manages one or more homes on a daily basis. A house manager generally will work in a semi-formal, formal or highly staffed home. In addition, a home and estate manager may have had professional training and may have a great deal of experience in this field. Management experience is required as well as knowledge of household responsibilities, etiquette and protocol.

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant is a domestic professional who acts as a “life-organizer” to their employer.

We provide friendly and professional personal assistants who can make your life simpler by providing a variety of services. They manage and oversee everything from making travel arrangements, overseeing the planning of a social event in the home to picking up dry-cleaning.

Here are just a few of the tasks a personal assistant can help you with:

  • Personal Organizing
  • Errands
  • Event Planning
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Care

Personal Chef

A Chef is a domestic professional who is hired by a client to prepare and serve fine culinary cuisine, prepare menus and assist with catering social events or engagements in the home or estate. Many chefs placed by the Grapevine Placement Agency have degrees in the culinary arts from some of the most prestigious training institutions worldwide.

  • Prepares all meals to members of the residence
  • Drafts menus contingent with each family member’s personal preferences and dietary needs
  • Works closely with the nanny to prepare menus for the children
  • Oversees complete kitchen organization, cleanliness and order
  • May work closely with the cook (if employed separately by the client)
  • Purchases groceries
  • Stocks kitchen
  • May be asked to cater social gala’s or events in the residence or on the estate
  • Complete organization and direction of food service
  • Complete organization of food presentation


Housekeeper’s clean entire homes or estates, can do grocery shopping, prepare meals, do laundry and generally keep the home in order.

There is a varied salary for housekeepers. As in all fields, the amount of experience and skills the housekeeper has will determine their salary, along with the duties and hours included in the job description. Housekeepers earn between $12 and $40 an hour.


A Gardener is a domestic professional responsible for the care and maintenance of all gardens, yards and walkways on the home or estate.

There is a varied salary for gardeners. The salary range is dependent on a number of circumstances that include but are not limited to: years of professional experience, educational background, formal training, extent of benefits offered, hours and duties. In general, a gardener’s compensation depends on the job in its entirety.

One of our Domestic Placement Consultants will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your housekeeping, personal assistant, home and estate management, personal chef or gardening needs. We offer daily, weekly, part-time and full-time service frequencies with the placement of your domestic employee.

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