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Assistant & Household staff

Providing Extra Help At Home

Premier Domestic Services

At Grapevine Placement Agency, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of domestic services tailored to enhance your lifestyle. From meticulous Home and Estate Management to dedicated Personal Assistants ready to simplify your daily tasks, our professionals are handpicked to serve with excellence. Delight in gourmet meals crafted by our skilled Personal Chefs, or experience the impeccable cleanliness maintained by our Housekeepers. With Grapevine, rest assured, every corner of your home receives the attention and care it deserves.

Home and Estate Management

Expert Management Tailored To Your Estate

Elegant modern home showcasing a pristine pool at the forefront, epitomizing contemporary luxury and architectural finesse
When your home is more than just a residence, but a testament to your lifestyle and achievements, it demands a caliber of care that mirrors its stature. Our Home & Estate Managers aren’t just domestic professionals; they’re connoisseurs of household harmony. Whether you have a semi-formal residence, a grand estate, or multiple properties, these experts bring their rich experience, professional training, and deep understanding of household etiquette to ensure your domain runs seamlessly.

With Grapevine Placement Agency, you’re not just hiring help, you’re investing in peace of mind, unparalleled expertise, and a standard of living that’s consistently maintained at its peak.

Personal Assistant

Ease Your Days With Expert Assistance

Whether it’s meticulously planning an event, caring for your furry friend, or just making sure your personal space is in order, a Grapevine Personal Assistant ensures that you have the luxury of time, efficiency, and peace of mind. Experience the difference a trusted helping hand can make in elevating your everyday.
Two focused men in an office setting, enthusiastically achieving a breakthrough on their laptop, embodying teamwork and innovation

Personal Chef

Culinary Excellence At Home

Skilled personal chef artfully preparing an oriental dish in a well equipped kitchen, highlighting culinary expertise and cultural cuisine
Our personal chefs, trained at top culinary schools, excel in creating dishes that delight. They not only prepare personalized menus but also maintain your kitchen’s order. Trust a Grapevine Personal Chef for unmatched culinary skill and dedication.
  • Prepares all meals to members of the residence
  • Drafts menus contingent with each family member’s personal preferences and dietary needs
  • Works closely with the nanny to prepare menus for the children
  • Oversees complete kitchen organization, cleanliness, and order
  • May work closely with the cook (if employed separately by the client)
  • Purchases groceries and stocks the kitchen
  • May cater to social galas or events in the residence or estate
  • Ensures impeccable food service and presentation


Professional Care For Your Home

A well-maintained home provides comfort and serenity. Our housekeepers go beyond simple cleaning, ensuring your residence or estate remains a harmonious space. From efficient grocery shopping, meal preparations, meticulous laundry services, to the upkeep of every corner of your home, they cover it all. Salaries reflect their skills, experience, and the specific tasks they undertake, typically ranging between $25 to $45 per hour.

With Grapevine’s selection, you’re not just hiring a housekeeper; you’re investing in a seamless living experience.
Minimalist housekeeping tools hung neatly on a white wall.


Cultivating Serenity For Your Garden’s Best Care

A diligent gardener meticulously trimming the grass, ensuring a neat and well-kept lawn with his lawn mower
Your outdoor space enhances the beauty of your home. With the assistance of our skilled gardeners, every inch of your gardens, yards, and walkways will be meticulously cared for, ensuring a beautiful and tranquil environment. Factors like experience, education, formal training, benefits, and specific job requirements influence a gardener’s salary. With Grapevine’s expertise, you’re not just hiring a gardener; you’re ensuring that your outdoor oasis remains vibrant and captivating throughout the seasons.

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