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Grapevine Placement Agency was established in order to raise the bar in the nanny and domestic staffing industry. The owner of Grapevine, having been a nanny for several years herself, personally encountered the dismal lack of screening performed by other in-home domestic staffing agencies and even parents. Throughout her own personal experience and witnessing the lack of background and reference checks being performed, she realized that something had to be done.

Grapevine's top priority is the well being of all parties involved i.e. clients needs, well-being of the children or any person(s) or household needing tending to.


At Grapevine Placement Agency, safety and professionalism is our highest priorities. We understand that the well-being of your home and family members are of the utmost importance. Whether you are in need of a nanny, housekeeper, chef or additional in-home support rest assured that our company conducts extensive background investigations on all candidates. This is done by checking and verifying all personal records throughout the United States. Choosing the right agency is an essential decision for all families. By choosing Grapevine Placement Agency not only will you save time by avoiding the hassle of you doing it yourself, but you will feel secure knowing that the candidates have undergone thorough background checks and are highly-qualified professionals that will meet your specific needs!
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Our story

In 2001, Monin’s vision became a reality and Napa Valley Nannies was born! We began working with clients in order to fulfill their desire to find loving, nurturing, experienced individuals to care for their children and maintain a safe household. Napa Valley Nannies quickly became the largest nanny placement service in the Napa Valley.

In October of 2003, our services expanded by acquiring Napa Valley Travel’n Tots! These services are ideal for families who are vacationing or relocating anywhere in the North Bay. Travel’n Tots provides a vast array of baby equipment rentals & necessities for families with Travel’n Tots. In order to ensure the safety of the children, all our equipment is completely safe, sanitized and thoroughly checked with a complete inventory of top-of-the-line baby/toddler rental equipment.

In 2005 Napa Valley Nannies changed its name to Grapevine Placement Agency. We are now a full-service domestic placement agency. We not only refer qualified childcare, but also provide a vast array of new features including household managers, housekeepers and more.

Grapevine Placement Agency continues to grow, yet we strive to maintain the same small business persona that allows all our clients to have access to our personnel on a 24-hour basis. We vow to never lose the hands-on approach and intimate relationships that Monin has been able to create with her clients. This is what has allowed Grapevine to excel. The Grapevine team will walk you through the process, answering any questions and offering you our professional insight and encouragement.

We strive to ensure that our clientele is satisfied. Our team is always thanked for our prompt, professional service, and attention to detail! It has been our pleasure introducing you to Grapevine Placement Agency and we look forward to hearing from you and your family!